How To Lose Weight Fast For Women – Follow 4 Steps

If you’re interested in how to lose weight fast for women then you’ve come to the right place. Losing weight can be a stressful time for most people but what they do not realise is that it does not need to be so. A lot of stress is caused by cutting out foods and going too low in calories which only leaves you miserable and tired.

Plus, once you’re off the diet phase you go straight back to normal eating and put on all the weight (plus a little extra) because you’ve been restricted for so long. Well, after reading this article then you’ll know exactly how to go about dropping the extra pounds in a sustainable and, most importantly, healthy way.

How To Lose Weight Fast For Women

There are four things to consider when embarking on any body re-composition journey and, if fat loss is your goal, then I would follow them in this order.

  • Caloric Amount
  • Food Choices
  • Diet Structure
  • Exercise

Caloric Amount:

Everyone knows that in order to lose fat then you have to eat less calories than you’re expending. This is simple thermodynamics and I wish it wasn’t true but unfortunately it is. Fat is not the enemy and carbohydrates are not the enemy.

Cutting out either of these important macronutrients will only leave you feeling angry and annoyed and it won’t help you get to your goal quicker. In fact, it might even take you LONGER because you’ll be so stressed out all the time and may slip into a few binges.

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Food Choices:

However, there are still ways to keep yourself feeling full and happy while losing weight fast for women by using foods which are high in fiber and/or protein. These will be vegetables, fruits and meats. There are some other foods that are great for losing weight which I will write about in another article.


Diet Structure:

There are also certain ways to structure your meals to support fast weight loss. For women this is how your meals should look:

  • One fist full sized protein source at each meal
  • One fist full of vegetables at each meal
  • One thumb of fat with each meal
  • Half a palm of carbs with each meal

Using your hands to measure portion sizes tailors your food specifically for your needs. If you’re bigger then your hands will be bigger and vice versa.

Use this structure for a couple of weeks and see how your body reacts. If you lose weight, you’re feeling happy and have good energy levels then stick to this amount.

If you’re losing weight but unhappy and lethargic then introduce slightly more carbohydrates and fats to each meal. And, if you’re not losing weight at all then drop the portion sizes very slightly.


In terms of exercise this aspect of fast weight loss is an open book. If your diet is in check then there is no real necessity to doing endless amounts of cardio and spending hours in the gym. In-stead, I recommend going for a 30-45 minute walk 3 days a week and doing an hour of whatever activity you enjoy most (weightlifting, cycling, swimming, running, yoga etc) three days a week.

In reality, that’s barely any activity at all and it should be easy if you’re focusing on activities you en-joy. If you want some great abs then look for an upcoming article where I’ll be writing about the best ab exercises for women as well.
Walking is extremely beneficial for you in more ways than weight loss.

It’s also a great form of active meditation and also a good way to connect with nature. Walking can be done by almost anyone at anytime, it’s completely free, helps you lose fat, easy on your joints, improves glucose tolerance and therefore reduces the risk of diabetes, lowers your stress levels, helps prevent against memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and can help you get some of that much needed vitamin D.

There are some other neat changes you can make to your everyday life to lose a little extra fat effortlessly too.

  • Stand at your desk instead of sitting
  • Swap regular fizzy drinks to diet drinks
  • Swap teas and coffees to herbal teas or drink them black
  • Have a glass of water with every meal
  • Park a little further away from your destination and walk the extra distance
  • Have oat bran instead of regular oats
  • Stock up on healthy snacks opposed to easy-to-consume high calorie foods
  • Drain the fat out of beef, pork and chicken
  • Eat slower and become more mindful at each and every meal

Bottom Line:

There you go, that’s exactly how to lose weight fast for women. No gimmicks, no tricks; just straight forward diet advice and an easy exercise regime.

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