Weight Loss Diet – Top 10 Myths

Myth 1 – If you greatly reduce the amount of calories you will lose weight faster

Partially true, but only for the first few days or weeks. Either attitude is unproductive as possible.

When you greatly reduce the amount of calories your body goes into starvation mode. Your body will try to protect its resources and will slow down the metabolic rate.

It’s like when you stay with little money and do not know when you will get more; you begin to spend less to stretch it as much as possible.

In the plan that translates into a metabolic slowdown and therefore a stop to the weight loss process.


Myth 2 – The stricter the weight loss diet, the better it will work

Talking to people on a diet, I noticed one thing: those who want to lose weight will mainly look at very drastic weight loss diets, diets that are complicated, restrictive, believing that this sort of punishment for their body will have to give better results.

Balanced diets that were normal and bearable were regarded with suspicion and distrust. People (and especially women) tend to choose a weight loss diet which advocates either eliminating complete food groups or requiring eating only certain foods (such as “famous” cabbage soup diet.

Such diets are bad for the body, robbing it of a lot of important nutrients and quickly lead to boredom and abandonment.


 Myth 3 – You should not ever touch any of your favorite foods, which fall into the “bad foods” category

Let’s face it! We are human and it is impossible not to derive some pleasure out “forbidden foods”. It’s hard for someone someone crazy about chocolate if for say six months will not not allowed to touch the stuff.

From time to time you can eat a little of your favorite foods because this will keep you motivated and will reduce the risk that at some point you give up mentally and abandon the weight loss diet. Moderation is the key to a successful weight loss regime.


Myth 4 – If you eat in the evening, you’ll gain weight

It does not matter so much when you eat, but also how much you eat (total amount of calories) and the caloric expenditure due to your physical activity every day.

It is recommended not to eat a lot at night, because during the rest period of about 8 hours, the body does not need a lot of energy and your metabolism slows down.

But if you eat something light in the evening, you’ll never have the sensation excruciating hunger during the night (and even if there is, you can easily crunch it with a small healthy snack such as a fruit or 1-2 biscuits).


Myth 5 – Do not eat between meals or you will get fat

On the contrary, if between the 3 main meals of the day you will indulge in a few light healthy snacks, you will keep your blood sugar steady and metabolism active.

You will also less likely to feel hungry before the next meal.

separator Myth 6 – Eating fats is wrong as they will stop your weight loss

It is a great mistake to consider fat food as harmful to the body. Excess fat is harmful.

We all need to eat a certain amount of fat, because a large part of your body structures are formed from fat. In addition, the presence of fat in food makes it tastier and more nourishing.

Some fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish and shellfish are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.


Myth 7 – If you skip meals, your weight loss diet will be more effective

On the contrary, if you skip meals, it’s even likely to get fat! You will become very hungry and forget the need to lose weight. Hunger is a feeling too strong to be controlled, because food is a primal instinct.

Think about how you behave when you are famished –you’ll forget about any weight loss diet and binge on saturated foods usually from “prohibited foods” zone.

That is why it is very important not to skip meals, especially breakfast, one that will give you energy after many hours you have not eaten anything.


Myth 8 – Dairy products should not be included in weight loss diets

There are all kinds of theories, and have even written books on the subject. In fact, dairy products must be in anyone’s diet, whether or not you are on a weight loss diet.

We all need calcium, but especially children, women and athletes. Choose milk and dairy products that are low fat or zero fat and you will get your daily calcium need without breaking the calories bank.


Myth 9 – You must drink a lot of water to lose weight easily

Water is essential to a healthy lifestyle and you should drink enough. The only way that you could possibly lose some weight by drinking water is by replacing sugary juice, or mineral/soda water.

The truth is that the primary factor that dictates the effectiveness of a nutritional program is the metabolic rate of each individual and his only, therefore my recommendation is to “listen” to your own body first and then, knowingly, to follow a diet that take into account your metabolic peculiarities.


Myth 10 – If I cut down on my calories I do not need to exercise to lose weight

While cutting down your caloric intake you certainly help, as mentioned above, you can only cut it down to a certain point before it stops being effective.

You need to find a certain balance between the calories you cut from your diet as part of your weight loss diet and the energy you spend as part of your daily activities.

It does not mean that if up to now you were a couch potato you’ll have to jump straight into you running shoes and run a semi-marathon, but an increase in your daily activity level will lead to a more efficient, faster weight loss.


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