Power Up Your Weight Loss: The 7 Things You Absolutely Must Know

Highly refined carbohydrates, refined sugar, high fat sauce, deep fried foods and so on, combined with a sedentary lifestyle and with our modern society’s tendency to depression, lead to overweight and even obese children and adults.

Thus, weight loss has become one of our main concerns and we are willing to try anything new that promotes it. Before you begin any weight loss regimen, you should be aware of the following facts:

1. Be prepared for the detox stage

Best Detox FoodsSome people begin their weight loss protocol by using detox methods. Others don’t. However, most fat loss programs include detox in one way or another, by promoting a greener, healthier diet.

Foods like lemon, ginger, spinach, kale, berries etc. are known for their strong detox effect. They’re also strongly recommended in dieting.

When you begin to eat these, you’re getting less calories in your daily diet and you push your body to burn more fat.

When stored fat cells are released into the blood stream and then burned for energy, they bring stored toxins along. This process can be annoying.

Basically, it makes people feel bad, experience changing moods, dizziness, weakness, depression and so on.

This will come to pass. It’s an essential stage and you should be prepared to go through it.

Before it gets better, it gets worse. This is the reason why so many people give up vegan and vegetarian diets shortly after they begin.

2. Understanding fructose and eliminating it

Fructose is a type of sugar that messes with your insulin production and leads to fat accumulation. High fructose corn syrup is the worst kind.

It’s frequently found in sweet drinks, sugary sauces and salad dressings, candy, flavored yogurt, canned fruit, bread, breakfast cereal, granola, baked goods, nutrition bars, coffee creamers, jam, ice cream, even in frozen junk food.

This sweetener made of corn starch is very cheap and therefore used on a large scale. Make a habit of reading the labels of any processed food you purchase.

Fructose as a simple sugar is also found in fruits, but given all the nutrients it is better processed by the body. This does not mean it cannot get you fat.


3. You must NOT rely on the scales

Why? Because fat and muscle have different densities; fat is much lighter than muscle. When you begin to lose weight, if you also exercise and eat enough protein, you’re putting on lean mass.

Therefore, when you see what the scales show you, you can’t exactly know what it is. Perhaps you’re heavier when you bulked up and there’s real muscle underneath the adipose tissue.

Or, you could lose fat and gain muscle in exactly the same amount, so the scales won’t show different numbers, but you’ll certainly look better.

Don’t rely on the scales to give you the truth about your physical condition. A better method is to take measurements of your abdomen, thighs, chest and arms.

Dont Use Scales

4. You will hit a plateau

Eventually, you will reach a plateau. It’s time to stir things by modifying your diet or your exercise routine. Change something, experience with different methods.

Opt for stimulants or bodybuilding supplements if you need to train harder at the gym.

5. It’s better to focus on new habits

Instead of trying hard to break down old habits, better focus entirely on creating new ones.
Here’s the psychology behind it: attempting to break down a habit is extremely stressful, it can trigger your reward mechanism even more and thus make you overeat or indulge in treats.

Stress is no good. Instead, you can focus on instilling new healthy habits; these will eventually replace the old ones without any pain. For example, if you start eating a serving of fresh fruit daily, you will begin to crave sugary sweets less.

6. Meal planning or prepping is a must

Not giving meal prep the needed attention results in unintentional cheating. Most people compromise their diet on a daily basis because they didn’t think in advance what to buy and to cook.

Thus, they don’t have the necessary ingredients, nor the time to prepare them and reach instead for a quick, fast-food meal or processed food.

Get your ingredients in advance and schedule meals + cooking time so you can stick to your diet. You can cook more ahead, so it lasts for several days.

Meal Plans

7. Diet foods aren’t always your friend

Some diet food can actually be bad for you. Don’t even imagine that diet soda is in any way better than regular types. It may not have sugar, but it packs on other synthetic, harmful sweeteners and flavorings.

The same goes for low fat foods – to compensate for the lack of taste, producers need to add other ingredients. The trouble is, most of these are either fattening or downright harmful.

Now that you are aware of this aspects, you can start your weight loss protocol. Don’t be impatient, it takes time to instill change, but it is so rewarding. Plus, you can actually make it last.

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