The Truth about Phen375 for Weight Loss: Pros, Cons and Results

Millions of people have heard by now about Phen375 and the weight reducing properties of diet pills similar to the powerful Phentermine. This one promises to show you that you can start burning fat even when nothing worked, such as strict diets, calorie cutting, vigorous exercise and so on.

If your intuition was telling you that there might be a subtle mechanism inside your body, something that is out of control and makes you gain weight and keep it no matter what you do, it was completely right. Let’s have a look into this new approach.


What Is Phen375?

Phen375 is a unique dietary supplement for weight loss achieved through fat burning, made in the United States. It’s made to burn stored bodily fat as well as newly ingested fat through an increased metabolism and can replace liposuction and other costly procedures.

The product can control the appetite for long term weight loss.

The product can control the appetite for long term weight loss. This means you won’t put back all the weight you lost as soon as you stop taking the pill.

Product also comes with special diet plans provided with the pills, so consumers can know exactly what to eat and how much. The package includes exercise videos for home.

At the core of this weight loss protocol is Phentemine375, a compound created to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolic rate. This can get to “move mountains” when dieting never provided any consistent results.

Phen375 claims to help not just with losing weight, but also with keeping your metabolic rate high and suppressing all food cravings that prevent you from having your dream body.

The protocol involves no meal skipping and no starving (which, by the way, only puts your body into a mode that helps accumulate as many calories as possible). When you take Phen375, you’re even allowed to increase meal frequency, as long as you make healthier choices.


Is Phen375 Right for You?

Phen375 is addressed to people who wish to become slimmer and have the necessary energy to work out and get in shape. It can provide a solution when reducing caloric intake and exercising regularly didn’t create the change you hoped for.

It can also be of help when you have struggled with weight issues since childhood. Remember to work closely with a doctor or dietitian to make sure you’re doing the right thing and take every needed measure in order to trigger amazing results without harming your health.

Use it whenever you wish to reduce your weight but keep lean muscle intact. Phen375 makes it easy to change your lifestyle by powering your system. If you found it hard to exercise and impossible to change your dietary habits, this product can help you out.


Benefits of Phen375

If it’s still unclear to you how Phen375 can help, here’s exactly what it claims to be about:

Phen375 pills

  • Reduce food cravings
  • Speed up the metabolism
  • Burn more fat
  • Fast results
  • No prescription needed

By improving the metabolism and suppressing hunger, Phen375 makes your body more able to burn fat on its own.

The weight loss starts by burning off the calories you consume, so that these don’t get stored as adipose tissue. In addition, your body is stimulated and its internal temperature grows (through thermogenesis) so that it can burn fat even quicker.



First of all, it is important to mention that, in spite of its name, Phen375 is not a Phentermine-based product. Instead, it is meant to mimic the action of Phentermine, which is otherwise a banned substance. It is made with highly refined ingredients extracted from natural sources.

Let’s have a look at some of its most important ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine (present in many supplements for lean muscle gain, it mobilizes fat and gets it into the blood stream, so you can use for energy production and thus burn it away)
  • Citrus Aurantium (mobilizes fat and increases the metabolism)
  • Coleus Forskohlii Root PE (acts at a cellular level, powering up the cells ability to generate energy and boost bodily processes)
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrous (toned down food cravings, preventing you from snacking or binge eating)
  • Cayenne Pepper Extract (it has a thermogenetic effect, meaning it can increase the body’s temperature, so it starts to burn more fat)
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract (Dendrobium is a species of orchid; its potent extract can improve digestion and help assimilate nutrients correctly)
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Chromium Picolinate


Anyone who searches for evidence concerning these ingredients can find enough information pertaining to their effectiveness. The Phen375 diet pill is produced in compliance with good manufacturing practices.

Note that there are two formulations, one for the US and the other for the EU. The latter one has fewer ingredients, since the European Union isn’t allowing yet all of the original ones. You may thus experience some, but not all of the benefits of the product.


How It Works

Phen375 was conceived as a diet pill to assist with weight loss and power up all your congruent efforts: exercising, cutting calories, choosing healthier meals. You cannot expect to maintain all your unhealthy habits and slim down miraculously.

However, all efforts can be in vain as long as your body still holds to a defective way of processing food. What happens most frequently is that we ingest too many carbohydrates, which are supposed to be used for energy production, but get stored as fat instead, due to a sedentary lifestyle and slow metabolism.

Most people try to become active and move more, but they observe they lack the energy and motivation to do so – even when they’re convinced this is vital to them. The solution lies in the unique approach of Phen375 diet pills.

They give you a boost on many levels, making you more apt to make better choices for yourself: choose more nutritious food, get up and exercise, avoid sugary snacks etc. Your body is stimulated, hunger is controlled and the metabolism speeds up.

Your hormonal makeover is influenced in a way that prompts your system to burn more fat in order to generate energy. Muscles are protected as weight loss start being visible.


What Customers Are Saying

phen375 resultsPhen375 seems to have worked for people who never managed to increase their metabolic rate through food and exercise alone.

It can get one into the fat burning mode within a short time and some have reported that they put on significant lean mass muscle thanks to it.

With regular use as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, one can lose 20lbs within a month or even less time. Most reviews are saying that you can shed from 12 to 15 lbs with the first trial.

The average loss is of 3 to 5 lbs per week. The best results occur when the protocol is closely followed for a total of 12 weeks without interruptions.

As metabolic changes are instilled, the subject becomes more and more apt to commit to the recommended weight loss efforts.

Does not encourage one to skip meals or become starved, but to eat as needed and have a constant supply of energy. In fact, this weight protocol allows to increase meal frequency, which will also be beneficial to one’s metabolism.

People can actually achieve rapid weight loss when they combine the pills with an active lifestyle that includes several hours of intense physical activity per week.

It is important to be aware that the European version of the product, although produced within the same facility and abiding by the same standards, does not present all of the ingredients of the original formulation.

This is because some of the herbal extracts accepted and recognized in the USA are not yet approved for use in Europe, especially not in over the counter pills. This definitely has an impact on the results. For this reason, not all people have the same experience when it comes to this unique product.

Many have noticed that Phen375 increases thirst and that appears to be generally valid. It is actually a normal and welcome reaction. When stored fat is moved to the blood stream and ‘burned’ for fuel, it also bring with it a lot of toxins.

Your system needs to flush these out, so this is why it prompts you to drink more. Give yourself plenty of water, it’s exactly what you should be doing.

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Side Effects

There are hardly any side effects reported so far, if we are to consider only regular, non-abusive use. What most people have noticed – if that can even be called a side effect – is an increased thirst. This is a very good thing however and a natural consequence to the fat melting process in your body.

As the adipose tissue makes its way into the bloodstream, it also brings the stored toxins with it. Drinking enough water ensures that you are flushing away all those harmful compounds.

Because Phen375 is in fact a whole program for weight loss, it is advised to speak to a doctor about the recommended diet plans and exercises and their compatibility with your state of health. Fat loss can become dangerous when certain conditions exist.

It can do you harm if you have an underlying disease. Take time to have the needed tests done at a lab or clinic and then wait to see if your doctor gives you the green light. A diet pill can be a powerful supplement to take, even when it is entirely made with natural extracts.

Taking Phen375 may change your stool consistency or make you dizzy. Such side effects tend to occur with prolonged use. Also, due to the caffeine content, it led to allergic reactions in some cases, as well as to disrupted sleep patterns when taken too late in the day.

However, thanks to its safe, natural ingredients instead of harsh synthetic chemical compounds, the product isn’t exactly dangerous.

Phen375 thumbs up to fitness

Where to Buy It

The Phen375 manufacturer sells the product on its official website. Buying from other vendors may endanger your health at the worst or produce no effect at best.

The original supplement is different from Phentemine 37.5 as well as from all other Phentermine pills, which are banned in most countries by the way. Only order directly from its manufacturer to be sure you’re getting the right product, at the highest quality.

The product comes with a lowest price guarantee. You may order a first trial initially, so you can get your money back if you don’t see any results and aren’t satisfied with the product.

However, when you’re starting to experience changes, it is safe to order at least a few months’ supply. Commitment is key in getting your body used to a new metabolism and burning more fat.

Phen375 can be shipped via priority international mail to customers worldwide, except to a few countries which prohibit imported pharmacy grade diet pills or certain substances used in these.

All orders are shipped from Dallas, Texas. As you become a customer, you will obtain a free diet plan as a complimentary gift. Purchasing this product requires no prescription.

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Phen375 is a product entirely made with potent natural ingredients in an ingenious combination and works for both men and women in an equal fashion, being capable to reverse obesity and melt stubborn fat.

Along with the suggested workouts and meals, it can help you reach your ideal, healthy weight that makes you feel good day by day and truly confident about your persona.

Your unique experiences and habits will have a say when it comes to the protocol results so don’t expect to lose the same amount of weight as other people who tried it.

This always differs from one person to another. You won’t be required to make major changes in your life as you begin to take it. The power to do these will come in time and you’ll soon be feeling like a different person – empowered to fuel your weight loss even more.

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