Our Thoughts About Diet Plans for Muscle Building

Diet is not only for loosing weight. There are so many people who are in search of diet plans for muscle building to complement their exercise routine. It is true that nutrition are the main reason for a successful muscle building, and I bet you heard this sentence before “80% Diet, 20% Exercise”.

Yes, it is. And, do you ever find yourself saying “I want to build muscle. What should I eat?“. We are here to let you know how.

So, let’s find out some facts and curiosities about it.


First of all, you need to gain weight. Why?

Basically there is two types of “regimes”: bulk and cut. Cut is when you’re trying to lose weight and getting your body ripped, with the minimum body fat possible.

Bulk is the opposite, when you’re trying to gain weight to transform that into muscle. Get it? So, if you’re looking for building muscle, you must gain weight and getting into the bulk regime.

Gain quality weight, that will transform in the muscled-up body you want.

Don’t think that eating fast food, candy and sodas all the time are going to help you gaining weight. Instead, that kind of food is bad for your health and could lead to serious damage in your body.

If you want to build some muscle you must increases the protein intake, and like people who are trying to shed some weight, stay away from sugars (and bad carbs too).

You are going to eat well and a lot. Your calorie intake will get extreme. Remember, you are gaining weight!

Food is our source of energy, and to increase your performance on training (and to reach your main goal), you need to get your body loaded with good nutrients.

What build muscle? Protein. And you’ll eat a lot of it. Chicken breast, tuna, lean meat are some examples of protein.

But, like I said before about the carbs… you won’t run away from them.

Instead, you will substitute them for good carbs, the slow absorption ones like sweet potato, brown rice and whole wheat bread. That will keep off your body from accumulating fat on your abs.

So, let’s see an example of the “recipe” for gaining weight.



  • Breakfast: 1 tea cup of oats, 1 tea cup of All-Bran, 2 bananas, 400ml low-fat milk, 5 eggs
  • Morning Snack: whole wheat bread with chicken breast and low-fat cheese
  • Lunch: 10 tablespoons of brown rice, 4 chicken breast steaks, 2 boiled eggs
  • Afternoon Snack: 250gr of sweet potato, 3 chicken breast steaks, 2 boiled eggs
  • Dinner: 5 tablespoons of minced duck meat, 200gr avocado

Whoa! If we calculate the calories that this diet plan has, you’ll be amazed. But that’s an example of a planning that will get you a good quality weight, with only good food, that will do wonders for your body, as well as will keep you under the goal you’ve settled: muscle building.

Please, let us know if you like this planning and if it worked for you.

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