The defining masculine hormone, testosterone, is widely acclaimed for its impressive series of effects on the body and its performance. Now it can be found on the market in many forms, especially in products designed for fitness and bodybuilding.

However, after there have been displeased customers in regards to actual hormone formulations, consumers are currently focused on a new range of products – the ones that claim to use non-hormonal ingredients which can lead to a boost in hormone levels as they act within the body. TestoGen is one such product.



As you begin to age, it is increasingly difficult to be in shape. What you’ve been doing so far no longer seems enough; you need to put more time and effort into your gym training and be extra careful with what you eat.testogen slimming pills

However, the energy levels are also declining with age so practically it seems impossible to rise to such standards.

It is even worse for that category of men who never has enough testosterone to begin with, thus lacking in raw masculine power.

Here is where modern science comes into the picture and it tells you to boost your testosterone levels by using supplements.

One such supplement is TestoGen – a natural product that can support your masculine power and regenerate it, so that men can reap its benefits regardless of age.

It promises to boost testosterone levels easily and, most important, safely. Product is currently employed to improve muscle tone and make one more apt for intense workouts, day after day.



TestoGen is different from other testosterone-boosting solutions on the market, in the way that its ingredients are rather common (some being used in traditional medicine for thousands of years) and are blended in just the right amount for a single capsule to be enough for a day. It is made to boost testosterone naturally, without harming your hormonal balance.

Here’s what it claims to do when taken as directed:

  • Increases muscle size
  • Boosts physical strength and stamina
  • Fights exhaustion
  • Improves the ability to focus and stay alert
  • Diminishes irritability
  • Decreases the bodily fat percentage
  • Increases the libido
  • Helps last longer in bed

For TestoGen to work, one doesn’t need to commit to a different diet and not even to train hard at the gym. However, when it starts to influence bodily processes, it may give one the motivation and stamina to make such changes within their life.


Potential Side Effects

TestoGen is perfectly safe to take, as long as the daily quantity is matched with the existing hormone deficiency. As some customers observed, it may make urine appear greenish or even bright green, but this is considered to be a good thing, since it means the body is flushing out unwanted substances.

A much more common side effect is an increased growth of bodily hair. Some men may experience this on areas that were rather hairless before. That, however, is one of the best known (and most natural) effects of testosterone.

It is possible to experience more side effects when taking TestoGen along other supplements. Additionally, it is never a good idea for women to take this, as it’s a product made for men only.


How Does It Work?

TestoGen can fix a testosterone deficiency without adding synthetic or animal hormones. It’s thoroughly recommended when you’re getting older and the body is no longer producing as much testosterone as it used to.

before Testogen afterTherefore, it makes for an effective way of supplementing the hormone and you can enjoy its action just like during young age.

It’s like you’re turning the tide in your favor. Such supplementation makes one more competitive and improves almost every aspect, including their sex life.

TestoGen is better than hormone therapy for men, which can have dangerous side effects and wreak havoc with one’s internal balance and health.

It lets you build a more attractive body, with more lean muscle and less unattractive fat. At the same time you will be enjoying the benefits of a sharp mind and perfect focus. If you are regularly exercising, you will see your stamina increase and make you capable of so much more.

It’s been proven countless times how a testosterone boost helps athletes go past plateaus and reach peak shape. Once you become capable of exercising more, the snowball effect starts to show: you’re getting bigger muscles, looking better, being more motivated than ever and generally feeling like a winner.



TestoGen boasts with thoroughly tested ingredients which make it a premium supplement on the market. Nothing about it is hidden – it’s all actually revealed on the official website. It’s about a combination of ingredients that act on your hormone producing processes and boost testosterone safely.

There are only 8 ingredients in it, which you can look up and research, all of these being “pharmaceutical grade” and selected by nutrition experts:

  • Zinc Gluconate (Usually found in oysters, it is responsible for powerful aphrodisiac effects and high testosterone levels. In addition, it constantly needs supplementation when working out)
  • Vitamin D (Lifts levels of free (floating) testosterone and controls feminine hormones)
  • Vitamin B (Helps convert carbs into energy, protects the adrenals and gets involved in the metabolic function)
  • D-Aspartic Acid (An amino-acid regulator involved in hormone production, it increases testosterone production, helps the metabolism and gives more strength)
  • Fenugreek seed extract (Fenugreek is a plant well known for its libido enhancing properties, as well as its ability to boost strength and vitality and support muscle development. It is also a powerful antioxidant that fights aging)
  • Ginseng Extract (An aphrodisiac, also known as the “man root”, it has a protective role for the testes, gives more energy and improves the mood)
  • Selenium (A trace mineral involved in many bodily processes, it regulates hormone production and is an antioxidant)
  • Devil’s Claw Extract (Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that contains steroidal saponin, helping build muscle and support testosterone production)


TestoGen is supported by medical advisers, as seen on the product’s own website. Take 1 or 3 capsules a day, according to your testosterone levels and needs. Under no circumstances take more than 4 pills per day.

Although the ingredients are natural, they are only harmless in the prescribed dosage. The formula includes no substance that can give you allergies. There is no strange, exotic, unknown extract that claims to be the wonder ingredient.

You do not need to alter your diet in any specific way – although it may definitely help in the long run. The idea is that the formula is enough to create change.



It’s understandable to suspect this is nothing but a scam, when it claims to be a product to promote virility in all of its forms. Also, the way hormones can be influenced is not a topic most people are familiar with. TestoGen is far from being a scam, though. In fact, you should give this product a try.

Give it enough time, because changes will become noticeable after about 30 days of supplementing. Some say it may seem like it’s working only due to a voluntary increase in workout time, but there were individuals who only ingested the product without, making any other changes and they still noticed important results.

The first change appears at the mental level. The physical level needs at least one week to adjust itself. Men who have been exercising regularly notice an energy and recovery boost within 2 weeks of use.

With the 3rd week, strength increases, sleepiness and sluggishness disappear and the focus is flawless. With constant training, the 4th week brings visible positive change in one’s physical shape.

It doesn’t take long for any man to feel more confident and manly when on TestoGen. It is best to take it with a meal, for optimal absorption.


Where to Buy TESTOGEN?

This is an over the counter supplement so it can be purchased without a prescription. It is not to sat that one shouldn’t speak to a doctor beforehand and get some blood tests done, too.

Visit Testogen.com to order the pills. Not only that get your money back within 60 days if you’re not satisfied with the product, but it can also be delivered to any international address.

There are no shipping costs, customers only pay for the product and delivery is discreet. Apart from all these benefits, the original website is actually the only source you can out your trust in.

Anything else may not give you real TestoGen but a cheap counterfeit product. Note that one bottle is usually sufficient for a month; it is advised to have enough supply for 3 uninterrupted months in order to get real benefits from this formulation.

testogen testosterone boost


TestoGen can be taken by both active and sedentary men of all adult ages. It actually gives some an unfair advantage over others. The ingredients are nothing new – athletes used to take these separately to get the desired results.

Now these are available mixed together, which is far more convenient and economical. It can fight morning sluggishness and bad mood and it stimulates a man to do more for himself, which will have a snowball effect.

Transform a flabby body into a well toned one that oozes masculinity using this hormone enhancing supplement. Pair it with a testosterone-boosting diet, as you avoid estrogenic (feminine hormone generating) foods like soy.

In addition, TestoGen helps you stay focused for the whole duration of the day, whether you’re working or training. It is not a product designed to help accumulate muscle mass, although it can help with it. For that, you need to consider lean mass building supplements such as whey protein powder or BCAAs.

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