Can PhenQ Really Help You Lose Weight in Multiple Ways?

From pills that claimed to stop your hunger to products that would simply melt away your fat, you’ve tried them all and nothing really helped you get rid of all that excessive, stubborn fat. You even tried to have a better diet and to exercise whenever your energy levels felt good enough.

Now PhenQ claims to be more than all that. Should you put your faith in it or is it just another marketing trick?

We’ve taken a look at what this product is about, what it is made of, how it is supposed to work and what people are saying about it. This does a lot of the work for you and answers the questions you may have, so you can finally make an easy decision all by yourself.

PhenQ Benefits

Multi-angled weight loss? PhenQ creators say it is possible and you can now have it all in one pill. Having a slimming blend made of potent ingredients is good, but it’s even better when these constituents enhance each other’s function.

PhenQ is said to have the following benefits:

  • Fights excessive weight in more ways at once, without taking up your energy.
  • Is highly stimulating, boosting your energy and enhancing your mood
  • Stops the sensation of hunger, so you can cut the caloric intake
  • Burns away long stored fat
  • Makes your body store less fat and turn nutrients into energy
  • Helps you manage food cravings

Normally, our bodies can naturally burn the ingested or stored fat as needed. The fat is used to produce energy. However, with some people this mechanism is derailed and can be extremely slow, hence the ability to out on weight real fast.

There’s the genetic factor at play, as well as one’s lifestyle, diet, hormonal makeover and more. When a metabolism enhancing, thermogenic supplement is ingested regularly, the body can be prompted to start burning fat more efficiently. This is what the PhenQ creators understood and thus came up with a potent product for weight loss.

What Is PhenQ?

Here is the first piece of good (or at least interesting) news that can be confirmed: PhenQ is a unique product.

Its basic active ingredient is I-Phentermine-Q, which acts in many ways just like amphetamine, being equally stimulating, only that it is completely legal.

Along with it, you get other natural, highly concentrated ingredients, all with a well known capacity to interfere with bodily functions and trigger weight loss, or at least set up the right conditions for it to happen.

This is a powerful, pharmacy grade formula. It’s a weight loss pill that goes beyond dieting and starvation, as well as beyond dangerous hormone play; in fact, it has nothing like all that.

By getting involved into more or less subtle bodily mechanisms, can tackle weight loss by influencing hunger-related neurotransmitters, altering the way you digest food and store fat and so on, plus improving your energy production.

It is thus the slimming product that can attack your problem from multiple angles. Thus, it becomes part of the most promising range of products.

PhenQ is based on natural compounds with spectacular effects. It can be found on the market in bottles containing 60 pills that can be ordered anywhere in the world. Read more on the ordering and shipping topic below.

How Does It Work?

The minds behind this product have understood that we are extremely complex individuals and more than one factor may go into shaping our bodies, our appetites etc.

This is simply a medical fact and it must not be ignored in any weight loss effort. Our complexities require dealing with the issue in more than one way and preferably simultaneously.

This is where PhenQ comes into the picture. Its powerful cocktail of ingredients act on several systems inside your body, modifying hormonal levels and influencing metabolic functions.

Affects the nervous system in a way that lowers one’s appetite.

What About the Ingredients?

PhenQ relies on lab-tested ingredients and counts some potent herbal extracts – for example from Nopal cactus, which has a high content of fiber and amino acids. It curbs hunger levels and gives one plenty of energy.

It also helps when your body has a tendency to retain liquids by eliminating the water in excess. Other ingredients help increase bodily heat, as to boost the fat burning process.

It’s also got lean muscle enhancing properties through its L-carnitine Fumarate content – a substance often found in bodybuilding supplements. Not only that your muscles will grow if you exercise accordingly, but their recovery will happen much quicker.

Another compound that draws the attention is the so-called α-Lacys Reset®, which boosts thermogenesis (the body’s ability to generate its own heat) and speeds up the metabolism.

In addition to this, you get capsicum powder, black pepper extract, Chromium Picolinate to tone down unhealthy cravings, caffeine for energy, the highly important Vitamin B3, Calcium Carbonate to strengthen the bones, fight obesity and balance the metabolism.

Some of these ingredients also bring your blood sugar to normal levels, keeping these in check – no more sugar rush and unhealthy snack craving.

How about the secret ingredient? It’s understandable this might be scary for some, but it shouldn’t. The reason why the entire formulation is not revealed is that the company does not want other manufacturers to copy its product.

This is a frequently employed measure in many industries, including perfumery and cosmetics. The products, however, are thoroughly verified and tested to rule out any harmful effects.

Is It Safe?

Being a pharmacy-strength product, PhenQ is more potent than the regular slimming pills. It needs to be taken with a few basic precautions. First of all, make sure you have no underlying condition before you start taking it. Consult a doctor and do all the necessary tests.

Never take more of the product than what is recommended and don’t take other diet/slimming pills at the same time. As long as you obey the basic rules, there is nothing to worry about.

You may feel at risk given that the product interferes with many bodily functions and mechanisms, but its action is one of balancing. Therefore, there is nothing to be afraid of. The worst case scenario is that it may not work for you as expected – no effect at all.

PhenQ Side Effects

The product is considered to be generally safe, with very few exceptions which we are going to address below. Caffeine sensitive people noticed unwanted caffeine-related effects, but such cases are rare.

Other side effects were: shortness of breath, unusual heartbeat, chest pain, swollen feet, confusion, irritability and swinging moods, dizziness, tremor, restlessness, dry mouth.

People also experienced changed bowel movement and sleep patterns. However, all these manifestations are rare and often exist because of an underlying condition or because the consumer hasn’t yet adapted to Phentermine or other ingredients.

Product may not fare well with heart disease, nor with thyroid problems. Plus, it’s never a good idea to combine it with alcohol. Also, it may interact with other drugs. Individuals suffering from anxiety have also reported side effects.

Daily Dose

To make it work, you need to take 2 tablets each day, nothing more. Take the first one when you have breakfast and have the other one with your lunch. Have patience, results begin to show in about 4 weeks.

If you keep going, in 5 months you can experience impressive changes in how you look and feel. Whether you notice changes or not, never go beyond the 2 tablet a day limit. Also, smaller doses are not recommended, because you need a certain concentration of active compounds in order to trigger change.

Reviews from Customers

It’s not enough to hear the producer’s claim that PhenQ is backed by science. We need to know how it acts when taken as directed and the results it produces. Thus, it is important to gather data and impressions from a wide range of consumers – because no individual may be just like the next one.

This being said, we’ve had a look at the existing reviews of the weight loss tablet and here are the conclusions.

PhenQ Customers

The intriguing PhenQ has already been reviewed by countless consumers worldwide, their stories providing enough details to assess the product’s capabilities. Many have claimed that they were finally able to diminish their weight, especially as they put effort into leading a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.

They felt at ease with the new schedule, as they found a renewed stamina to carry out daily activities and motivation to do more and more. PhenQ can bring a much needed change in situations when you thought nothing more could be done – such as when you’re getting older and being very skeptical about shedding off excessive fat.

People who had been overweight for your entire lives noticed an unexpected positive change with PhenQ. Most simply never had the chance to experience the effect of a strong multidimensional formula for weight loss before. This one has actually worked with individuals fighting obesity. For the first trial, the fat loss is said to be at 7% of the total quantity.

The quickest results to show were related to mood and energy. The stimulating effect of PhenQ was quick to set in. This would last throughout the day, without spiking and plummeting. Most consumers have reported feeling more energetic and apt for exercise, but also less hungry.

As their cravings diminished, they first stopped putting on any additional weight. Then, they began melting away stored fat, even from areas that would not lose any weight before, such as the thighs, hips and belly. Changes in hunger levels, energy production, eating patterns and nutrient use are the proof that the ingredients act on the metabolism, creating positive change.

Where to Buy PhenQ

PhenQ can be purchased online on its manufacturer’s official website and paid for with Visa or MasterCard. Customers get free shipping for a minimum of 2 bottles regardless of where they live in the world. When ordering larger quantities, clients also benefit of significant discounts.

The policy is clearly detailed on the website. Do not purchase anything else that claims to be PhenQ. The original product is manufactured in either the USA or the UK and is sold solely through its official website. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a refund.

Order PhenQ


Slimming down with PhenQ can be much easier and more rewarding than through any other method. Its blend of ingredients is carefully engineered so that it acts at several levels at once. Instead of purchasing several solutions for the different weight-related problems and investing time in various slimming protocols, this offers an economical, simple and effective way to tackle the issue.

Besides, the pill contains no hormones, so it will not jeopardize anyone’s health. The lack of fillers also recommends it as a pure, efficient, clean product relying on selected botanical extracts. PhenQ reveals a new, smart approach to weight loss – it’s multidimensional, thus leading to better, quicker results. It will help one slim down naturally, without putting their health in danger, at the same time becoming apt for vigorous physical exercise.

Make sure to give yourself a real chance at experiencing its benefits. This means improving your lifestyle, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption as well as other bad habits, getting proper rest and good, varied nutrition. Otherwise the effect may not be as powerful for you.

Product will work but won’t do your work. What does this mean? It means that it creates the perfect conditions for shedding weight: a faster metabolism, a better capacity to burn stored fat, less hunger, more energy. When these changes occur in your daily life, you can start working out instead of snacking, taking walks instead of watching TV and so on. You’ll have what it takes to make better choices in your life. These, in turn, will trigger an even stronger weight loss effect and thus influence the result.

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