The GM Diet Plan

Gm diet - weight lossThe GM diet is basically a weight management program developed by the famous US Company – General Motors Inc.

They initiated and created this plan to help their employees lose extra weight and enjoy a better life.

True, when your body is in a better shape, you feel good and look good.

This is why the GM employees are encouraged to follow the 7 day diet plan. It is a unique program that can aid you in getting rid of around 10-17 lbs in a week’s time.

Anyhow, before we ponder over the pros and cons of the General Motors diet, let us know what it is all about. As a rule, you have to stay away from alcohol and drink 10 glasses water for all the seven days.

Here is a day-wise summary of this weight-loss scheme:

The GM diet – Day One

You will love the initial day if you like fruits. This is a complete fruit day and you can eat any of them in the desired quantity, except bananas. Since you are basically preparing yourself for the forthcoming days, you are advised to indulge in melons along with other fruits.

Day Two

The second day is completely dedicated to vegetables. You can eat as many raw or cooked vegetables as you want or till you are full. You can start the day with a big, baked potato and then move on to the veggies rich in fiber and nutrition.

Day Three

After the fruit day and the vegetables day, here comes the combination day. Yeah, it is the day when you can enjoy your favourite fruits and veggies in any quantity. Bananas and potatoes are an exception.

Day Four

This is the banana, milk and soup day. You may eat up to eight bananas along with maximum three glasses of milk. This diet compensates for the loss of potassium in the first three days.

Day Five

Here comes the chicken and tomato day. You can eat two portions of 10 oz. chicken along with six whole tomatoes. You will also need to supplement your water intake to clear your system. While chicken provides you sufficient protein and iron, tomatoes ensure proper digestion.

Day Six

This is probably a great day as you are allowed to have chicken and vegetables in the desired amount. Gain your proteins and iron from chicken while getting the vitamins plus fiber from veggies.

Day Seven

Your menu for the day includes juice, brown rice and your preferred vegetables.

Here you go…. the dieting schedule is over. So now when you know the GM diet completely, it is the perfect time to talk about its effectiveness.

Does it Work?: Well, it is a fad diet that may help get rid of some pounds but it looks incomplete. Since a dieter cannot stick to the same kind of diet for long, he/she can again put on the lost weight.

Moreover, it concentrates only on the food intake rather than an active routine that involves exercise or other fitness activities.

It is okay to go for the General Motors diet if you are just interested in losing some inches but it is not a complete solution for correcting one’s eating habits or lifestyle flaws.

A Better Way Out!: You can follow these tips for switching to a healthier and slimmer body that can also be easily maintained over the long run:

  • Improve your routine eating habits by avoiding the high-calories foodstuff while indulging in more fiber-rich nutritious meals.
  • Maintain the balance in your diet rather than sticking to one thing in particular.
  • Do consult a professional dietitian to get adequate advice on a diet plan that is tailored according to your age, health condition and traits
  • Do exercise regularly and go for a short walk after every meal if possible.

The GM diet is a much popularized fat-reduction plan that does its work but is difficult to follow again and again. It is better to look for a broad scheme that includes a perfect blend of healthy eating, balanced way of life and a regular work out.

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