Question Answered: What Foods Can I Eat To Lower My Blood Sugar

What foods can I eat to lower my blood sugar?

This is becoming an increasingly popular question today, especially among those individuals with little interest in exposing their bodies to chemical medicament’s that claim to control blood-sugar but whose artificial ingredients might do more harm than good.

Also called hyperglycemia, high blood sugar can prove to be quite the dangerous condition.

Prevalent in individuals with diabetes that forget to take their insulin medicine or eat more carbohydrates than might be healthy, hyperglycemia, especially when untreated, has been known to attract many a deadly conditions. Damage to one’s nerves, organs and blood vessels is a possibility.


Hyperglycemia is a fairly common problem among American adults; also called pre-diabetes-a condition where an individual has higher blood sugar levels than what is considered healthy but not as high as a diabetic-individuals seeking to lower their blood sugar are often encouraged to lose weight and partake in even more rigorous exercises.

Effective as these approaches might be, however, they should be complimented by a proper dieting regimen.

With this particular phrase’ what foods can I eat to lower my blood sugar’ enjoying considerable popularity across the various search engines, many an American is clearly coming to accept the important role food can play in the arena of hyperglycemia.

Some foods one can prioritize in their efforts to lower their blood sugar including the following:



Several studies have emerged over the years to support the powerful role whole cinnamon and cinnamon extracts can play in quickly lowering blood sugar.

Capable of contending with triglycerides, total cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol and fasting blood glucose (even while raising good HDL cholesterol), one must keep in mind the negative side effects the different kinds of cinnamon can attract.

Saigon cinnamon, for example, is rich in Coumadin, which is a blood thinner; and even though Ceylon cinnamon might be safer, one is discouraged against consuming more cinnamon of any kind than what might be healthy.




People have been using garlic to control cholesterol levels for a long time; recent studies have, however, suggested that it could prove even more effective in lowering blood sugar.

Particularly beneficial to diabetics, garlic will increase the quantities of insulin in the body.



Any individual trying to craft a healthy blood sugar eating plan must endeavor to include monounsaturated fatty acids. Monounsaturated fatty acids can be found in avocados alongside nuts, olive oil, seeds and flax.

Avocados in particular will lower the risk of metabolic syndrome manifestation, this along with improving blood sugar, lowering insulin resistance and creating the sensation of satisfaction after a meal.

The fact that avocado consumption will positively impact blood pressure is an added advantage.




Blue and black berries are rich sources of anthocyanins; anthocyanins are typically found in colorful vegetables and fruits, this along with honey, nuts, tea and even wine, with black and blue berries having the highest concentrations.

Blue berries in particular will lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity, their content of anthocyanins inhibiting certain digestive enzymes, slowing down digestion and, in the process, averting blood sugar spikes, especially after meals rich in starch.



Most health diets are rarely complete without apple cider vinegar. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar (mixed with water) will increase the body’s insulin sensitivity, preventing spikes in blood sugar after the consumption of starch-rich meals.



The leaves and seeds of this spice are most commonly found in South Asian meals; fenugreek seeds are also a common sight in supplements favored by nursing mothers.

Compelling evidence has emerged over the years to support fenugreek’s ability to lower blood sugar, especially among those individuals with diabetes.

Fenugreek seeds are rich in fiber, fiber that will slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, this explaining its ability to fight hyperglycemia.

The fact that fenugreek seeds also boast vitamins, antioxidants and other minerals make them especially beneficial to human health.

Fenugreek can be consumed as a pill or taken as tea.

What foods can I eat to lower my blood sugar? This is a question with myriads of answers. From almonds to whole grains and cocoa, one need only understand the minerals and substances essential to lowering blood sugar in the body in order to locate those foods within which they can be found.

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