Build Muscle: 5 Foods that Help Lose Fat and 5 Foods to Avoid

5 Foods that Help Lose Fat 

This might well be the hundredth article you’ve come across about the best fat burning foods.

But think about it: you could only choose five foods… what would you choose?

What would be the best choice? Probably food items that cover the essential nutritional needs to ensure that you don’t lose muscle.

These needs would include:

  • Protein to promote reparation of muscles
  • Fats to promote release of important fat-burning hormones
  • Phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins vital to general health
  • Nutrient dense calories for energy

Considering these four points, your best bet would be the following five:

1. Salmon

Packed with omega-3 and protein, it contains the two most important ingredients vital to reparation of muscle tissue.

Not only is it rich in important nutrients like selenium, B12, vitamin D, and niacin, it comes complete with a host of health benefits such as improving memory and reducing cholesterol.


2. Eggs

Eggs, like salmon, are also packed with nutrients that foster muscle-building. Regardless of how you cook them, they contain 8 grams of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Not only that, it even leads to less overeating when taken early in the day. It might be a good option to avoid the yolk all together (or at least reduce the quantity of yolk to 1/3) since that’s the least nutritious part of the egg, containing high amounts of fats and calories.

Eggs high protein

3. Almonds

All nuts are healthy and contain nutrients, but Almonds remain matchless in this regard.

Not only that; almonds are rich in fiber and protein, and help rebuild muscle tissue. To add to it, almonds help satiate hunger, relieve joint pain, provide energy, and boost cognition.


4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are an important starchy complex carbohydrate, loaded with Vitamins A and B.

The high fiber content helps satiate hunger, and is a good add on to a pre- or post-workout meal.

Sweet Potatoes loaded with vitamins

5. Apples

Apples are the best ingredient to add to your post-workout meal.

They contain carbs, fiber, electrolytes, and phytonutrients, all of which the body needs right after you’ve exhausted every fiber of your muscle.

And not only that, apples kills cravings and shed belly fat just as effectively a fat burners if taken on a regular basis!

Apples for health

5 Foods to Avoid

You’ve probably heard the cliche “you are what you eat”.

If your goal is to look like a hamburger off of McDonald’s menu, the best way to achieve that would be to go on a binge diet of hamburgers for the next five years so.

However, if you desire the physique of a stallion, you’re more likely to achieve that through a diet of healthy lean meats and high protein.

Your training goals should be consistent with your nutrition goals, and vice versa. Your body isn’t a garbage dump, don’t treat it like one.

You have to be careful about the foods you choose, especially when it boils down to choices (for example choosing between white bread and bran bread).

Basically, your goal is to moderate the intake of food which promotes the production of insulin – the key agent responsible for storing fat.

The aim is to make sure that your insulin levels don’t fluctuate drastically – it’s necessary for insulin levels to remain steady throughout the day and also make sure metabolism is raised. This is all moderated through what goes into your body.

Here is what you want to avoid:

1. White Bread AND Brown Bread

It’s pretty much common knowledge that white bread has a high Glycemic index, which affects blood glucose levels; so naturally, it makes sense to avoid it. However, many people opt for brown bread instead of white bread, assuming it’s the healthier food choice when in reality, it’s not.

Brown bread is nothing but white bread which has been died brown with the same ingredient which adds the brown color to coke: caramel colors.

Fake brown bread can be identified by checking the ingredients at the back. These ingredients are listed from high to low concentration levels.

If the first and second ingredients read “caramel coloring” and “white flour” instead of “whole-grain flour”, you’re basically buying white bread that’s been dyed brown in order to mimic the look of whole-wheat bread.

White Bread is bad for you

2. Dried Fruit

Fresh fruits are vital to be included in your diet because of the rich vitamins, minerals, and fiber they provide.

Dried fruits are stripped of these valuable properties, which are replaced with sulfur and sugar in order to give it a longer shelf life.

Another important point is that the water content in fresh fruits allows to feel full and consume lesser calories, whereas dried fruits results in consuming increasingly large amounts of calories without you realizing it.

Dried Fruit

3. Pre-Made Salads

Salads that are pre-made to be bought in stores by selling the idea of a nutritious snack or meal are nothing short of calorie bombs, which is the result of dressings and add-ons.

These include ranch, bacon bits, croutons, nuts, dried fruits, and cheese. Fresh salad is always the right choice, as is homemade vinegar and olive-oil dressing and boiled chicken bits.

PreMade Salads is bad for your body

4. Diet Soda

Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, which aren’t any better than the actual sugars used in regular sodas.

In fact, these artificial sweeteners are over a hundred times sweeter than sugars that are produced naturally, including sucrose and fructose. Increase intake of sugar leads to overproduction of insulin.

Diet Soda is Bad


5. Processed Cold Cuts

Empty calories are the worst kind of calories you could consume, and processed food is the best example of empty calories.

Processed foods are completely refined and pumped to contain sodium and saturated fats. What our bodies need is nutrients, which processed foods are completely devoid of.

Processed Cold Cuts

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