5 Effective and Easy Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy

When it comes to staying healthy, many of us consider our immune systems and other health concerns. However, one of the most important things to consider when working on improving overall health is the spine. A healthy spine help you to stay fit, youthful and energetic. Here are 5 effective and easy ways that you can keep your spine healthy.

Keep Your Spine Healthy

1. Make Sure You Have a Good Mattress.

A supportive mattress allows the spine to rest after a long day of compression and hard work. If your mattress is not supportive enough, your spine may become agitated.

No matter if you like a soft or firm mattress, make sure that it will give you enough support to allow your spine to readjust and repair so that you can wake up well rested and energized, allowing your spine to get a much needed break.

Good Mattress

2. Wear The Right Shoes.

Not only do shoes impact the comfort of our feet, but they also have a huge impact on your back and spine. When choosing a shoe you want something with support, cushion, flexibility, and proper balance.

Good shoes help to support you from the base up, encouraging proper spine alignment all day long. You can also look into purchasing shoe inserts to help provide support and balance to shoes that you already own.

3. Massage Can do Wonders For The Spine, and For Your Stress Levels Too!

Everyone loves getting a nice, relaxing massage. If you can afford it, a therapeutic massage by a masseuse is the best way to go, however it can be expensive. If you can’t commit to regular massages, consider massage chair instead.

While they are not quite the same as a real massage, they do provide many of the same benefits. Massages of all kinds help to improve circulation, release mood boosting endorphins, increase flexibility, and relive tension to help foster a healthy back and spine.

Massage Spine

4. Sit up straight.

Your posture has a lot to do with the health of your spine. If you are rounding over your computer desk or slouching all day, your back will begin to feel the negative effects, and with time your back will physically become impaired by this repetitious posture misalignment.

Focus on sitting up straight and using support to keep you propped up and maintain correct alignment throughout the day. Consider ergonomic desk chairs that are made to support and move with the shape of the spine.

5. Be Sure To Do Exercises To Strengthen The Back.

Often people think this only includes back exercises, but actually it also includes abdominal strengthening too. To strengthen your spine, be sure to do crunches, planks, as well as back strengthening exercises for the best results.

The stronger these muscles are, the better supported the spine will be, resulting in fewer injuries and less pain. A healthy spine can benefit your overall health tremendously for many years to come.

Be sure to exercise to keep supportive muscles strong, maintain good posture, get a massage, wear the right shoes, and sleep on a supportive mattress. For more information on ways to maintain a healthy, strong spine contact select spine and sports medicine professionals to guide you toward healthy lifestyle choices.

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