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Detox Diet: What You Should Eat

Detox diet is a popular alternative health method practiced by many in order to improve their health. Detoxification is done through a number of ways, but one of the most popular methods is through a strict [Read More]

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1800 Calorie Diet Plan for Everyone!

After you calculate how many calories your body needs on our amazing and free Weight Loss Calculator, we bring you a more general planning, a 1800 calorie diet plan that suits to everyone, as this [Read More]

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The Caveman Diet “Paleolithic” Diet

The Caveman Diet or Paleolithic Diet has recently gained much popularity. There is a lot of buzz about this dieting system. Now, as the name indicates, caveman diet is definitely inspired from the eating habits [Read More]

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The GM Diet Plan

The GM diet is basically a weight management program developed by the famous US Company – General Motors Inc. They initiated and created this plan to help their employees lose extra weight and enjoy a [Read More]