Detox Diet: What You Should Eat

Detox diet is a popular alternative health method practiced by many in order to improve their health.

Detoxification is done through a number of ways, but one of the most popular methods is through a strict diet, which involves the intake of detox diet food.

There are plenty of plans and guides out there to help you cleanse your body through the food that you eat; however, you can follow your own diet plan as long as you know the basics of healthy eating.

Here are the basic detox diet food choices to consider when you plan to go on a cleansing diet.


Fruits are the most popular choice for detox diets. This type of diet food contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, and contains plenty of fiber to help in health bowel movement.

Some similar types of diet are strict and allow only the consumption of raw fruits. But you can enjoy them raw, frozen and dried.

You can also eat preserved fruits, so long as it is immersed in its natural juice, and not in sweetened syrup.

Fruits are an excellent sort of minerals and vitamins, but each fruit differs in terms of their vitamins and nutritional content.

To get the best results, try to vary your intake of fruits and eat more than three types daily. Also, keep the skin on for apples and berries since they contain the most vitamins and minerals.


Vegetables are great for detox diet

Vegetables are also great detox diet food choices, and are also recommended for raw food diets. Like fruits, vegetables contain plenty of fiber which sweep out waste from the digestive tract.

Like fruits, vegetables are best served raw in order to maintain their nutrients.

If you need to cook vegetables, steam them instead of boiling them, since boiling the vegetables tend to suck out the nutrients into the water.

To get the best nutrition, consume a variety of vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Sugary and carbonated drinks should be avoided throughout the duration of the detox diet.

The same goes for caffeinated drinks and alcohol. If you must drink liquids other than water, try flavored herbal teas and fresh fruit juices (without the sugar.)

Herbal Teas

Grains and Rice

Some diets may limit your detox diet food choices to raw fruits and vegetables, but you can also include rice and grains in your daily intake.

All types of grains and rice are great choices, but make sure that they are unrefined or unpolished since polished or refined grains usually lose all the nutrients in the process of refining.

Grains and Rice

Oils, Spices and Condiments

Oil, such as sunflower oil, olive oil and virgin coconut oil can be used sparingly for stir-frying or salad dressings.

Condiments, herbs and spices can be used for cooking, as long as they are natural and do not contain any chemicals and preservatives.

Putting together your own diet plan for detoxification is easy, as long as you know the food groups to choose from.

Oils and Spices

With these food choices, you can create your own menu and start detox dieting today!

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