D.BAL.MAX for Explosive Gym Power – The Harmless Natural Steroid, Myth or Truth?

Steroids and the controversy around them represent a huge topic in the fitness world. Everyone would still wish for that ripped look given by steroids, but without the side effects.

Supplement manufacturers and scientists have thus worked to develop safer, healthier alternatives to these dangerous yet effective substances.

You can now have a power boost from carefully selected natural ingredients and well engineered formulations. D.BAL.MAX is one of these.

What Is D.BAL.MAX?

D.Bal.Max Pure DynamiteD.BAL.MAX is Pure Bodybuilding Dynamite made to enhance one’s gym performance and build bigger muscles, in a way steroids would do, but without the dangers and side effects.

This is a supplement engineered by the BAUER Nutrition Group and inspired by Dianabol.

The formula avoids the use of steroids, thus providing a much safer alternative.

The question now is, is this effective, too? Having a look at the formula, it is revealed that it’s a product made of plant steroids, able to cover all training needs and stages.

D.BAL.MAX is suitable to athletes who train hard and to heavy lifters who want to see a radical transformation of their body. It is used to Increase lean muscle and strength and it has the potential to maximize gains.

D.BAL.MAX Ingredients

The ingredients in D.BAL.MAX all appear to have anabolic properties, hence the big benefits. Moreover, these are in high concentration, reaching what is called “pharmaceutical grade”. In spite of its strength, the product is perfectly legal ans safe to consume.

This is what it’s based on:

  • The Pro BCAA Complex – Branched chain amino acids or BCAAs are the real building blocks of muscles. Supplementation boosts your training in more than one way.With BCAAs in your system, muscles are fed with the protein they need and prompted to grow.
  • 20-Hydroxyecdysterone – A plant extract, it acts like a steroid and has impressive anabolic effects naturally. It improves protein synthesis in muscles and retains the nitrogen.
  • Whey Protein Complex – Whey protein is highly concentrated and of great purity. It fuels and feeds muscles and most mass building top products rely on it.

How does D.BAL.MAX Work?

Through its 3 powerful ingredients combined, D.BAL.MAX has a powerful action. Your body is prompted to create an anabolic environment in which muscular fibers can grow bigger and stronger.

You add more lean muscle and no fat. Results begin to show in only two weeks. The product should be taken for at least 2 months. The best results are obtained when supplementing is long term.

As the name suggests, D.BAL.MAX will power up your workouts and will do so quickly. Simply take it before going to the gym and you’ll be able to increase your rep count and soon you’ll be switching to heavier weights.The more you achieve, the better you begin to look and you’ll notice you’re not even as tired as you expected.

By producing Adenosine Triphosphate, the supplement gets to modify the perception of tiredness and delay its onset. The BCAA enhance protein synthesis and shortens the recovery time.The testosterone increase leads to a strength and endurance boost, as well as to improved mood and fat burning.


D.BAL.MAX is the legal, steroid-like formula that can help you train longer and better, which leads to superior results. Also, your body will have more of the much needed muscle fuel, so it won’t be drained; instead, it will build more muscle.

D Bal Max BenefitsHere are the main reasons why this supplement deserves the attention:

  • Made by fitness experts
  • Gives extra strength
  • Decreases fatigue
  • Creates an anabolic environment for muscle gains
  • Boosts your endurance
  • Supports protein synthesis
  • Boosts testosterone

If you feel it’s time to get to the next level but you’re not having the energy and strength required, it’s time to let this product boost your power. It is the key to superior training and results. You’ll be getting more out of each gym session or workout, day by day.

Side Effects

D.BAL.MAX is made with many natural ingredients but not entirely with such. However, the main active ingredients are known as “plant steroids” and thus come from vegetable sources that were the subject of extensive research.

There is no reason to worry that it would have the same effect as classic steroids. Those used to cause acne flares, testicle shrinking and fat accumulations in certain areas. Not so with this product, which does not alter your body in any of those ways.

Because it has a testosterone boosting effect though, the product may not be suitable to all women. This is why it’s important to do some hormone testing before taking it. The prescribed dosage is of one capsule for three times a day, with water.

Anything above this may be unsafe. Also, make sure to take this plant steroid supplement only during training periods. In the absence of proper training, it will not work as expected. When D.BAL.MAX doesn’t work in your favor, it can lead to fatigue and poor coordination.

Where to Buy D.BAL.MAX

Bodybuilding DynamiteThe product can be purchased from online stores. The price is usually competitive, resembling that of similar supplements. You will usually find it at $68 or so.

Bulk orders benefit of amazing discounts so you may want to consider that when buying. You will most likely need a supply for several months if you’re serious about your goals.

Make sure to order from the original website or from trusted affiliates, so you won’t risk buying a counterfeit, weak or even dangerous product.


Like any supplement released by BAUER, this one too draws a lot of attention to it. The D.BAL.MAX hype is not only about great marketing.

The well packed, dynamite-stick-like product is a good muscle enhancer. However, you need to give it some time and pout in enough effort for it to work.

It may not act as quickly as other solutions, but it’s reliable and definitely friendly to your health. It stimulates muscle hyperplasia (the development of new cells) in a continuous manner and makes you a power machine in the gym.

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