The Shocking Truth about CrazyBulk: Everything You Wanted to Know about Legal Steroids

The pursuit of the perfect body can be hampered by real frustrations almost every training individual encounters. You’re either too exhausted, take too long to recover or your gym efforts simply no longer yield results and you’re stuck at the same old level (a plateau).

It is the point where you begin to think of supplementing, in order to boost your power, endurance and mass gains. The most tempting route has always been that of steroids, but how safe is it now? You’re worried about all the horror stories you’ve heard about these and those stories are actually true.

At the same time, you’re hearing loads of people talk enthusiastically about a brand of supplements called CrazyBulk, which seems to do exactly what you need it to. In fact, you can choose the formula that is the best match to your level/stage and goals and even combine supplements for the ultimate effect. There’s something for everyone and everything.

What Is CrazyBulk?

What Is CrazyBulk?CrazyBulk is the generic name for a series of legal steroids. The manufacturer behind the brand (on the market since 2004) produces supplements that are 100% legal and mimic the action of well known, yet harmful anabolic steroids, without the side effects.

A legal steroid helps you build muscle without damaging organs in your body or jeopardizing the hormonal balance.

These act similarly to some of the most powerful steroids used in bodybuilding along the years and have anabolic but also androgenic effects.

With CrazyBulk you can take your workouts to the next level.

These are suitable to the most committed of athletes and to bodybuilders lifting heavily and intensely. The active compounds are potent extracts from natural sources that have been thoroughly researched and don’t harm the liver or the kidneys.

How does It Work?

CrazyBulk Products are pharmaceutical grade, which means that their potency and concentration are above the average and resemble what a doctor would prescribe, for stunning results. These are very strong formulations, unlike the milder ones you might find in every supplements store.

They claim to work in just 30 days – guaranteed. How is that achieved? By mimicking the steroid effect of well known products but dodging the side effects through using natural ingredients and safe formulations.

CrazyBulk products use a plethora of compounds with various functions: thermogenic, fat melting, muscle enhancing, nutritive, blood circulation and hormone enhancing and so on.

These act simultaneously on different mechanisms and systems, so your body is enabled to take more effort and achieve more. For example, there are CrazyBulk supplements that enable tissues to retain nitrogen and nutrients for muscles.

Others increase focus and boost your strength so you can last longer and do more at the gym. These are all supplements to take orally – no injections or other harmful practices involved. Besides, your doctor is most likely to approve them.

How Is CrazyBulk Different?

CrazyBulk claims to do everything at a superior level: enhance athletic performance from various angles, from boosting one’s energy to acting at a cellular level and delivering superior nutrition to muscular tissue.

Their pharmaceutical quality indicates a more effective dosage and higher concentration for the active ingredients. There are proprietary formulas involved in each supplement, that are not fully revealed by the company. Many are worried about this aspect, but it’s a common practice on a highly competitive market.

At least, the manufacturer makes a claim about all of its products being 100% natural and certified, so that should take away some of the worries. CrazyBulk is different also in the way that it can act with great speed and power massive muscle gains – just like classic steroids used to, only that these are completely legal.

So what’s the difference between legal and illegal steroids?

The latter are no longer allowed because of overwhelming proof that they could easily ruin people’s health or at least have some horrifying side effects. On the other hand, no one complained about legal steroids.

Additionally, these act on every aspect that goes into being fit: fat burning, adequate muscle nutrition, muscle building, energy, endurance, hormones etc. It’s a multi-angled approach that saves you time and effort.

CrazyBulk Products:

As you step into the CrazyBulk world, you’re soon confused about all the attractive options. If you are unsure about what to buy, you can always use the menu on the brand’s official website and give a few guidelines, so the system can select suitable products. However, you can also read the details below to understand these products better.

D-BalD-BAL (Dianabol)

You’ve felt like a hard-gainer all the time? With D-BAL you can turn this around. You can grow huge muscles like anyone else if you’re using this, no matter how frustrating it’s been so far. Time to see that “unfair advantage” work for you as well.

It acts like Methandrostenolon, the active ingredient in Dianabol, one of the world’s first steroid formulas. It increases nitrogen retention with natural ingredients only, creating the ideal anabolic state for muscle growth.

WinsolWINSOL (Winstrol)

Winsol is a formula made for cutting. It gives you that ripped, vascular look that’s so incredibly attractive – with no bit of fat.

Ideal for those who want well defined muscles as hard as rock. As you lose fat during the cutting stage, you can preserve all your hard gained mass and get in peak shape.

TrenorolTRENOROL (Trenbolone)

This is a stunning combo that seems to do it all: it gives you superhuman strength, melts the fat away and helps build huge muscle mass. Recovery is also a breeze.

If you can’t decide whether you want a potent supplement for butting or for bulking, know that you can always rely on this one regardless of the stage you’re at. Trenorol also helps you heal fast if you have a tendency to cause yourself injury when training.

AnadroleANADROLE (Anadrolone)

Anadrole’s complex action turns you into a gym monster, even if you are only beginning a training cycle. It fuels your workouts and you can do so much more: lift harder, train longer, gain more muscle.

This is for size like you’ve never dreamed before, through superior muscle oxygenation.

In addition, it helps you heal much faster and increases your red blood cell production, to oxygenate your muscular tissue and delay fatigue onset.

AnvarolANVAROL (Anavar)

Anvarol is another supplement for cutting, based on Phosphocreatine and its improved synthesis. While training, it will give you pure explosive strength.

It helps you melt the fat away and reveal shredded muscle underneath, for a perfectly defined physique. Suitable for both men and women.

It is strongly recommended for the cutting stage, when you need to preserve muscle while melting fat at an increased rate. It also contains adenosine triphosphate, which gives more energy to muscular contractions.


A favorite of celebrities, Clebutrol mimics Clenbuterol, an infamous weight loss formula that stripped bodily fat to leave only ripped, lean muscle.

This ephedrine-free fat burner is a thermogenic that boosts your metabolism, thus powering up the fat burning process. It’s a pre-workout supplement that bans bodily fat.


All anabolic steroids started with testosterone supplementation. Get your testosterone to optimal levels, for all the benefits it entails: added power, endurance, masculinity and well defined muscles. It is the key to impressive muscle gains.

Its main ingredient is tribulus terrestris (steroidal saponins), a well known plant extract that boosts masculine power, found in larger quantities than in any other supplement. The product does not deliver testosterone, but generates an increased luteinizing hormone production, which in turn boosts natural testosterone.

DecaduroDECADURO (Deca)

This is the safe alternative to Deca-Durobolin. It supercharges workouts, giving you a lot of extra power to train and accelerates your recovery, so you can return to the gym soon and be ready for another explosive session.

Take it for superior nitrogen retention and massive gains. In other words, it makes your body build more protein and more collagen too, thus making muscles, tendons and ligaments much stronger. It’s the recommended formula if you experience weak or painful joints. Also recommended for a quicker recovery.


This is dynamite to your workouts. It boosts Nitric Oxide and increases blood flow to the muscle, for superior results, by widening blood vessels.

In consequence, you will feel raw power fueling your lifts. Suddenly you can handle more reps and heavier weights. Excellent product for greater pumps.


Based on a HGH releaser, this formula helps your body release more human growth hormone (HGH) naturally. So you can increase muscle size exponentially and rapidly.

It also improves your recovery ability. HGH is an anabolic hormone which, when supplemented, simply makes you grow bigger.

How to Combine CrazyBulk Products

Crazy Bulk is great for initiating your bodybuilding journey but also ideal for every stage along the way. The range has been used by some of the most competitive athletes in the world. It’s safe to combine supplements from CrazyBulk, because these are deemed as highly compatible.

In fact, it’s easier to just order the brand’s own stacked products – ideal combinations of several products, to help with a specific goal. Such is the Bulking Stack to maximize muscle gains, or the Strength Stack and Growth Stack.

The biggest and most expensive combination is the Ultimate Stack – a collection of 6 different products for massive lean muscle gains. This is, of course, recommended to the most committed gym goers who have set their aims up high.

Note that shopping for combos will get you to save money, too. Do not be afraid to use more such products at the same time; stacking is common among bodybuilders, they do it all the time.

However, whenever you feel that it’s too much for you, you need to lower the dosage or stop taking the supplement combo. Stacking is also recommended if you’re not experiencing the desired results with just one standalone supplement.

The Advantages of Taking Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk will enhance your performance and thus push you to achieve so much more. You get an adequate formula for every stage of your training: bulking, cutting, competing, as well as for superior strength and fast recovery. You’ll also find male and female-specific formulations and well as combos to speed up results and success.

All in all, here are the benefits of incorporating CrazyBulk to your fitness regimen:

  • High quality, trusted brand
  • Affordable price
  • Fast results (2 – 4 weeks)
  • No side effects
  • Good manufacture practices
  • Supplements created for every stage/need
  • High concentration of active ingredients
  • Unique formulations
  • Powerful 100% legal steroids
  • Multiple beneficial action
  • No prescription needed

Where to Buy CrazyBulk Products

These US-made legal anabolics can be ordered online without prescription at or through the company’s affiliate network. Make sure to check every source before you buy; loads of unscrupulous manufacturers may create low quality copies of CrazyBulk products and sell them for a similar price.

You should never purchase such – at best, these won’t do anything good to you and at the worst, they will be noxious. Seeing the hype around CrazyBulk and the details about these products, we may assume that it’s safe to take them and to see how they can power up gym training.

These supplements will push you past plateaus, get you ready for competitions, increase stamina and endurance, bulk you up, cut etc – whatever your goal may be. With a smart diet and a solid training program, you can see results even quicker than stated before – in about 2 weeks.

This calls for your serious commitment, though. Do at least one cycle if you are completely new to this, whether it’s bulking or cutting and you will see the difference.

Taking CrazyBulk regularly may have mild side effects like stomach cramps, nausea or androgenic effects in women, but these are common with most bodybuilding supplements on the market. It’s all about how well your body tolerates the ingredients.

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