The Caveman Diet “Paleolithic” Diet

The Caveman Diet or Paleolithic Diet has recently gained much popularity.

There is a lot of buzz about this dieting system.Caveman Diet paleo human

Now, as the name indicates, caveman diet is definitely inspired from the eating habits of our ancestors.

A cave man ate only 100% organic food items that were either grown or hunted by him like lean meat fruits, nuts and vegetables etc.

All that they ate was natural, chemical-free and untouched by synthetic elements.

This closeness to Mother Nature kept the ancient man slim, disease-free and of course muscular.

So that’s the basic spirit of following the Paleo Diet – ‘get Mother Nature kept the ancient man slim if you want to stay fit and strong for years’.

If you are seriously attracted to the idea of this ancient eating system, read on to know how you can begin with it:


What’s The Menu?

Well, this is the most interesting question about this diet scheme as you may have to give up all your contemporary eating habits.

Caveman diet includes only ‘real’ foods like eggs, meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts. You basically have to put yourself in the place of the primeval humans, who existed two million years ago.

caveman diet menu

They consumed only what they could procure from the natural resources and were much healthier than the modern man.

So this diet allows you to eat all types of eggs, fruits, berries, roots, vegetables, nuts and meat.

Since it is important to choose organically grown items, you might have to visit the local farmer’s market to shop your stuff.

Ideally, you should eat 60% to 70% of protein-rich foods (meat, eggs etc.) and 30% to 40% of vegetables, fruits and nuts etc.


What to Avoid?

You have to avoid all the eatable items that are produced and not grown. A simple rule is to ask that whether a caveman would have this to eat?

No grains, no sugar and no processed or canned food at all. You have to go completely natural and soon you will develop a liking for these eatables. However, all that you eat must be unrefined and free of chemicals, wax or toxins.

The good thing is that you can eat as much as you want, any time if the day without any portion controls practice. It is advised to eat the veggies and fruits raw and bake or cook the meat, without adding any sauces, butter or artificial flavors.

All in all, you have to say NO to dairy products and grains along with anything and everything that is packed in boxes or cans.

The caveman diet allows you to enjoy all that your ancestors ate and thus helps you burn unwanted fat while boosting your immune system.

Anyhow, it will be great to maintain a regular exercise routine in order to burn the fat and calories you consume.

Amazing Benefits of the Caveman Diet

Caveman diet is very much superior than most of the fad diets. Why? Take a look at its benefits:

  • It significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • The Blood Pressure level can also be maintained easily.
  • The eradication of sugar and fats also abolishes the risk of diabetes, which is a very common disease in today’s time.
  • The Cave meals are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. Thus, your body receives all the basic nutrients that it needs.
  • You can easily shed off excessive weight and stay in shape.


Paleo diet gives you an excellent way to eat a variety of food items while benefiting your health amazingly. You can follow this diet whenever you wish to detoxify your system and benefit from it.

Visits the caves to find a mode that leads to happier and healthier life!

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