The BlackWolf Workout Review You’ve Been Waiting for: Everything You Need to Know about This Massive Gains Supplement

There is a good reason why the BlackWolf Workout supplements line is rapidly becoming popular. It’s something that only few brands thought about – let alone succeed in – doing: creating an all-in-one product suitable to all the stages of intense training. While the concept may be surely attractive, we decided to look into what this product really does and how exactly; find everything you need to know in the review below.

What is BlackWolf Workout?

BlackWolf ProductsBlackWolf Workout is first of all a concept. It came as the easy alternative to taking many different powders, pills etc. for muscle nutrition, gains, recovery, for energy, stamina and so on.

It generated a supplement line to address all those needs at once. The products were further customized to be suitable to men, as well as to women.

Generally speaking, BlackWolf Workout is the name for a dietary supplement produced in a FDA registered laboratory, to be taken before, during and after workouts, in order to maximize one’s gym performance and gains, at the same time shortening the recovery time.

It is suitable to pretty much anyone. Whether you’re currently frustrated because you’re not getting the results you envisioned and your efforts seem in vain, or you’re an advanced bodybuilder hoping to make it to the next level, you will get significant help from BlackWolf Workout. The product was specifically designed to push everyone to the next stage.

The name refers to a stack of three supplements, deemed to be everything you need to build massive muscle. The effect is not obtained as you might expect, through expanding muscle cells artificially and pumping up the volume.

It’s not a steroid, but a strength and stamina enhancer. Here are the three supplements in the stack explained:

“Track” (“Trail” in women’s version)

Your pre-workout formula, the only one you need to take to increase your energy levels, have explosive stamina and raw power to train intensely. It counts more than 20 ingredients with a spectacular synergistic effect, that fight lethargy and lack of motivation, loading you with high-quality protein, creatine and BCAAs for energy, endurance and peak performance. With it, you make sure you have all the needed energy and motivation to begin each trainign session.


The ideal formulation to be used during exercising, enabling you to do more reps with more power. Use it to delay fatigue and enjoy lasting energy. Don’t risk nutrient depletion – add more nourishment as you go and pump up your last reps.


The post-workout supplement to protect and heal muscles, facilitating the recovery process. It’s a different kind of fuel, which speeds up the muscle building stage, so you can enjoy superior results much quicker. It’s based on whey protein isolate, leucine, valine, isoleucine and BCAAs, plus Vitamins C and E to combat oxidation and thus neutralize the effects of free radicals.

Another interesting aspect is that its creators also considered the hormonal and physical fitness differences between men and women and decides to adapt their formula to each sex. Thus, we have not one, but two supplement stacks.

You will find them labeled as the “Hunter” and “Huntress” stacks. Because the male and female bodies respond differently to exercise, it was absolutely necessary to help everyone maximize their gains, without risking side effects.

For example, many ‘unisex’ bodybuilding supplements contain ingredients that boost male hormone production. Women’s bodies also produce testosterone, but in much smaller quantities.

When the production increases, it leads to unwanted effects: excessive bodily hair growth, hoarse voice, smaller breasts and narrow hips and so on. With the BlackWolf Huntress pack there are no such side effects, because the formula is calibrated to suit the female body and its requirements.

Active Ingredients

Black Wolf Workout for Man and WomanBlackWolf Workout is the generic name for a bundle of three supplements, each providing different agents to help you with the three stages of training: preparation, effort and recovery.

The blend was carefully calibrated by nutritionists and made to respond to the different needs of men and women. The only drawback is that we cannot know the quantities for each ingredient, as these are not mentioned on the product label.

It is understandable though – no manufacturer which finds a winning ratio won’t divulge that, knowing the risk of duplicates is so great. So what is this supplement based on?

It’s got a good dose of branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs, creatine and whey concentrate for high-quality protein, plus minerals, vitamins and ginseng. The BlackWolf Workout ingredients list also contains agents that stimulate the natural testosterone production in men. Help dilate blood vessels, improving the blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles, which further increases training power.

All the ingredients are well known and backed by extensive research and use, only that these have never been used in a unique, complete formula of this kind. The blend feeds and protects the muscles during workout stress, so that you won’t lose muscular mass, but build more of it instead.

Both the BlackWolf Hunter and Huntress packs feature the three supplements described above, one for each important moment of the day, but with slightly different ingredients and quantities, thus matching the different needs of males and females.

How does BlackWolf Workout Work?

BlackWolf Workout can be called a workout strategy. Its action is similar to steroids but completely harmless. It represents the most convenient, completely legal solution for gym goers, athletes, fitness buffs and competitive heavy lifters.

Instead of selecting and purchasing a dozen or more different supplements, they can only buy a single one, which is enough to cover all their training needs. If an all-in-one formula seemed like a dream, it is now made real.

BlackWolf Workout is enough to have you covered for the whole day; from the moment you have breakfast and prepare for training to the time you come back home in the evening, unwinding and recovering from all the effort.

It is designed to make you better than you were yesterday. It makes your effort yield more and then renders you more capable to push your gains to the next level.

With the Huntress and Hunter packs you will get a large, 700-ml shaker for free, along with five guides. If you are no longer in your prime and age has made you lazy, slow or unmotivated, you will greatly benefit from this stack.

Pre-Workout BlackWolf Workout


Daily Dosage

Dosage is essential to obtaining success through supplementation. The rule is valid in the case of BlackWolf Workout, too. The supplement must be taken with regularity and never skipped during one’s active/training days.

You may skip it when you’re not training, but it’s not recommended to do so. Your body needs proper nutrition round the clock, even for the days when you’re not training (but your muscles are recovering).

It doesn’t matter how your schedule is, whether you’re training at dawn, at noon, in the afternoon or evening. BlackWolf Workout should be taken as directed: two capsules per day with water.

It’s best to take the first capsule in the morning or with 30 minutes before you begin training. Take the second one later in the day or in the evening. There are no other strict rules when it comes to timing – it is 100% uncomplicated.

Make your training schedule as you see fit and then take each of the three supplements (Track, Hunt and Eliminate) right when you need them – before, during and after workout.

Benefits of BlackWolf Workout

The BlackWolf Workout protocol has all the benefits a top fitness product is expected to have and more:

  • Innovative formulation
  • Can be adapted to your schedule
  • Helps you burn fat and build lean muscle
  • Increases mental focus
  • Pumps up muscle gains like never before
  • Oxygenates blood and boosts circulation
  • Made with ingredients of scientifically proven efficiency
  • Covers all your fitness needs
  • Has the right amount of nutrients and stimulants
  • Naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia
  • Economical, no need to buy other supplements
  • Fuels you for longer workouts
  • Order the stack and get useful items for free

With more than 20 active ingredients in it, the product delivers key elements to boost your performance and endurance on a daily basis. In conjunction with a bodybuilding diet and intense training sessions, it can transform your body beyond your expectations.

Is There Any Side Effect?

BlackWolf Workout is made only with natural ingredients. Besides, there is no secret to it – each active compound is already researched and guaranteed as beneficial.

There are certain aspects you must be careful about, however. One is the correct dosage – never take more than prescribed. Other vital aspects are your age and health.

You must be at least 18 years old and have no serious condition. If you are on any kind of medication, you shouldn’t be taking this or any other fitness supplements, unless your doctor allows you to do so. So far, no side effects have been reported, but more research and more significant trials are needed to rule out any risks.


When To Expect Results?

According to online sources, it takes two to three weeks to notice the first changes. Some reviewers claim it takes 60 to 90 days for visible results to appear. We say this largely depends on how often and how hard you’re training.

This is why it is hard to give a specific time frame. The diet is another essential factor. Make sure you’re on a healthy, nutritious, well balanced diet and stick to your workout schedule.

Where to buy BlackWolf Workout?

It’s best to buy this powerful stack of supplements straight from its manufacturer. Order it online and you can take advantage of the discounted prices and the freebies offered on its official website.

There are also various affiliates selling it, but you need to make sure it’s a trusted source before you order. Even some local retailers may stock on BlackWolf, since it’s already grown in popularity. The best deal currently stands at a discounted price of only $82 for all three containers.

The BlackWolf Workout brand does not owe its fame to good marketing. It is a formulation that simply compels you to try it, regardless of your gender, fitness level, daily habits or goals. Apart from enjoying great vitality and building muscle, you also get to lose fat.

In addition, it makes one able to take on longer, harder workouts and thus improve their training routine. It’s the go-to solution for when you feel easily tired and unmotivated, unable to sustain long and vigorous exercise. This is certainly one of the easiest ways to maximize your gains with a minimum amount of supplementation and a very small investment.

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