Is Aspartame and Diet Soda related to the Major Health Problems?

health or no?Many people find out lately, according to some studies, that Aspartame – the main ingredient of Diet Soda, and a common ingredient found in many other products – is causing the most dangerous and major health problems worldwide.

Aspartame is a artificial sweetener – the most consumed in United States – and it has gained more importance and a higher consumption since mass media and marketing gurus shown everyone that products like diet soda are safer and healthier to consume, despite other regular sugars found in most products.

So, the main question is to know if Aspartame is bad for our health, and if it is the main cause of some diseases and health problems that are affecting so many people – and increasing – worldwide.

In fact, Aspartame is related to some diseases and health problems.

According to FDA (Food and Drug Administration), this substance accounts for over 75 percent of food reactions, including death and many other health problems such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Muscle spasms
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • etc..

Aspartame are made of certain substances that alone causes health disorders. It contains:


  • 40 percent of aspartic acid (one of the main problems related to it is neurological disorders)
  • 50 percent of phenylalanine (that may cause schizophrenia and seizures), and
  • 10 percent of methanol (related to nausea, dizziness, memory lapses, vertigo)


A recent study done by University of Iowa with about 59,614 women, found out that women that drink about two or more diet soda drinks have a higher change of developing cardiovascular diseases and are more likely to die from that diseases.
This studies are shocking everyone, including the companies itself, that have stated reduced sales and are starting to change their perspective to keep selling.

May this be the end of Diet Soda?


Should I use aspartame, and diet soda on my diet?

Artificial sweeteners are indeed low calorie, and these products and sugar replacements are found in many diets and people search for them in order to keep drinking sodas, without compromising their diets. But, as stated above, the best choice is to avoid them.
Our recommendation is to avoid sugar at all costs, and their replacements (like Aspartame and other sweeteners) even more. There is also some natural sweeteners – like stevia – that are absolutely safer and healthier.
You may experience a lower calorie from them, but the risks it takes are surely not worth it.

So, it’s better to stay away from them! Your health (and your body) thanks!

Ants hate Aspartame

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