8 Tips to a Easy Weight Loss, With No Effort

Lose Weight No DietsWe all know that having a diet that allow us to lose weight without any effort or having a restrictive meal plan is what so many people wish for.

People pay for nutritionists, and have so much effort doing such changes and adaptations of daily routine all because of weight loss itself.

So, we bring you 8 tips for an easy weight loss that are so simple that we think you are doing some of them already. Everyone wants a way to a Easy Weight Loss… How?

All you must do is this small and simple changes on your lifestyle that will make the difference. Let’s see them:

1 – Serve yourself directly on the stove rather than in the table

By doing this simple task, you will eat less 19% of food per day (change is higher on men). The reason, is that if food stays on the table, it’s more likely that you will repeat. So, leave the pot on the stove and eat less!

2 – Keep your cereals in the closet and weight loss

A person that has the cereals at sight weighs in average, more 9,6 kg than people that keep cereals hide from sight. But it’s not noticed much difference on cookies and sweets.

3 – Put fruits and vegetables in the most visible part of the fridge

By having this habit, you will eat 3 times more fruits and vegetables, which is good. Low on calories and high on nutrients and vitamins.

Your body only has advantages with it! Go and put the highest caloric foods in the bottom of the fridge, that is less visible, and you will have less desire to eat them.

4 – If you are drinking wine, prefer red and in a small glass

People focus more on the height of the glass instead of the width when serving liquids. In average is served 12% less wine in a glass of white wine instead of red wine.

Besides that, we tend to drink more red wine than white wine, all because of the color of the drink, which is more visible and when it’s time to serve, we are more aware of the quantity of wine we will consume. “We drink 10% less when it’s red wine”, highlights the specialist.

5 – When attending a restaurant, sit close to the door

Yes, the sit you choose on the restaurant do influence on the way of eating. People who sit far from the door are less likely to eat salad and have a 73% chance that they will ask for a dessert.

6 – Walk through the supermarket halls

If you do walk through the whole hall on the supermarket, you are more 11% more likely to buy the first greenery compared to the third. So, HealthResidents recommends doing it to analyse the variety of products.

7 – Place fruits and vegetables on the front of the shopping cart

That will make you think about the things you have in the shopping cart, and you are 23% more likely to buy more greenery. About 61% of all things we buy are at our eyes height.

8 – In the office, save the sweets in a dark and opaque pot

People who leave sweets in the office table weigh in average 6,8 kg more than people who don’t.
As you can see, this 8 tips are simple and easy to make.

You can start doing them right now and, statistically you are more likely to lose weight easy without effort. If you are a person who pays attention to numbers and detail, this tips are definitely for you.


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