1800 Calorie Diet Plan for Everyone!

After you calculate how many calories your body needs on our amazing and free Weight Loss Calculator, we bring you a more general planning, a 1800 calorie diet plan that suits to everyone, as this number of calories is actually pretty common.

It will make you maintain or lose weight, according with the results you get before.

But, if you are looking for a higher calorie intake, such as diet plans for muscle building you require more calories than your body needs to gain weight.

For this particular plan there is no special requirements. All you need is will to make it work.

As always, we recommend having a healthy lifestyle by doing some exercise and workout, and drink at least 1,5L of water everyday.

Obviously you won’t go to fast food restaurants while doing this 1800 calorie diet plan, don’t you?

As for products, we advise you to buy the freshest possible in order to get the maximum quality and nutritional value.

So, here we go. We will add some sample meals according to the limit of 1800 calories.

These meals are an example of products you should buy, such as chicken breast, whole wheat bread and pasta, and vegetables.



  • A bowl of Muesli (total 338.5 calories)
  • Oat bran and cinnamon with strawberries and blueberries (370.7 calories total)

Lunch:stay fit with 1800 calorie plan

  • Chicken stroganoff and green beans with bacon (total 386.2 calories)
  • Chicken with spinach (total 387.5 calories)


  • Chops with teriyaki sauce with broccoli (321 calories total)
  • Penne with roasted asparagus (total 308.7 calories)


  • 3 oatmeal cookies with light raspberry yogurt (380 calories)
  • Peanut butter and jelly with some poached eggs (total 379 calories)


With this simple plan, you have a grand total of 1800 daily calories with some great and tasty meals that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Remember to keep visiting our website for more great diet plans.

Soon we will publish more 1800 calorie diet plan versions such as paleo and low carb for those that are looking for a customized planning.

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