10 Ways to Heal Your Gut

Having a healthy gut flora is so important to having a healthy immune system, and with the cold/flu season approaching now is the time to get your gut in check more then ever.

Here is 10 ways that you can help to keep your gut healthy and thriving:

1. Probiotics I am such a supporter of probiotics.

I tell people to take them like your grandmother tells you to eat your veggies. It’s literally like swallowing gold. They are that important to your overall health. Plus it’s so easy. If you only do one of these things on the list, I would say to get yourself a time release, stomach acid resistant probiotic.

These probiotics send in an army of good bacteria which then go to battle with the bad bacteria and rightfully take back their territory. You see, with all the toxins we consume like: caffeine, processed foods, alcohol, medicine etc, the good bacteria get weakened and then the bad bacteria take over.

SO when you replenish the good bacteria with a probiotic they can rally back up and do the job that they are supposed to do. So imagine if you cut out a lot of the things that destroy the bad bacteria and take probiotics how happy your tummy would be! The good bacteria would be doing the victory dance in your stomach for sure!


2. Eat “Clean” or “Paleo

If you are on the fence I would do your own research and find what works for you. For me personally, Paleo style of eating works best for my body.

I have battled with adult acne for years and some extra weight around the tummy area and taking on the Paleo style of eating along with probiotics has been the only thing that has given me huge success.

Again, it’s all about healing the gut flora, and with Paleo, you are cutting out most grains and sugar, which are one of the worse things for your gut flora because they rob your body of the good bacteria.

Clean vs Paleo Eating

3. Eat fermented foods

Have you read on Kombucha? Kombucha, along with Keifer, Kimchi, miso and other fermented foods/drinks are amazing for your gut health!

They are amazing sourced of helpful bacteria – there are studies that show that they also help to protect your from harmful GMO’s. If you haven’t jumped onto the fermented food/drink train yet then “All Aboard!” Toot toot.

Eat Fermented Food

4. Pump up your magnesium intake.

Most Americans are deficient in magnesium. And it has been shown that if you are lacking magnesium you will crave more sweets. Refined sugars kill off good bacteria, which is what we are trying to heal.

So, increase your magnesium = eat less sugar = healthy happy tummy. Cacoa is an amazing source of magnesium! Try adding a little cacao powder to your coffee in the mornings to turn your regular coffee into a Super Mocha.

5. Reduce your fiber intake.

What? Yes. I know that we have always had it drilled into our brains that we need more fiber, but for the peeps that have an out of balance gut flora fiber is not friendly to your tummy.

It actually feeds the bad bacteria so try reducing your intake of beans, grains and raw veggies and your tummy will be singing you praise in no time.

6. Eat well COOKED veggies.

We do still need our veggies but when you have a sensitive digestive system you want to eat gentle foods. Cooked veggies will greatly benefit your gut flora over raw veggies because it’s not as much work for the digestive system to break them down.

Aside from that you can always juice, or use a Blender, which are both amazing for extracting out the macro nutrients from vegetables and fruits so that you can consume them in an easy to digest state allowing you to reap all the benefits without your body having to break them down.

7. Cut out caffeine & alcohol and drink more water

Sometimes we all need our caffeine. I know this all too well. But if you are really serious about healing your gut once and for all and getting rid of things like caffeine and alcohol for at least 3 months is a must.

I’m not saying that you can’t have an occasional drink here or there after you do the work, but give your body a break and just drink water. Try it, you will be amazed at how amazing you feel after you start to give your body the thing sit really needs and quit feeding it toxic foods and drinks.

Instead of your regular cup of Joe, start drinking green juice or smoothies and in no time you will have more energy and alertness then you will ever get from a cup of coffee.

8. Pay attention to food sensitivities

If every time you eat wheat it sends you running to the bathroom, that’s a major clue that you may have a gluten allergy. If after you eat dairy you bloat up like your 6 months pregnant, that’s another clue that your body is telling you PLEASE STOP FEEDING ME THIS!

Sometimes it can take a while to put things together, but starting a food journal can help tremendously. Write down everything you eat for the day and take notes on how your body reacts. Do you bloat? Does it cause diarrhea? Did it make you cranky and tired?

These are all clues. And I know that some of us are so attached to our faves, like pasta or soda that we can’t imagine ever giving them up. But consider that you only get one body and once your health takes a dive then your whole life takes a dive. What are you willing to give up for your health?

9. Eat Coconut Oil

I cook with it, use it for a deep conditioner on my hair, I use it as mu body moisturizer. Coconut oil is naturally anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and a healthy source of MCT’s or medium chain triglycerides which are the healthy fats that our body thrives on and converts into energy.

10. Last but not least, practice yoga & meditation daily.

Meditation is so amazing for stress management. When you meditate, you are tapping into your body’s own wisdom. You are connecting to your higher-self, where all the answers you need are waiting for you. You will experience more peace and clarity and also more happiness and increased energy.

Yoga helps to get your body moving. Your body CRAVES movement! Yoga helps to move the toxins out of your body by increasing sweat and by stimulating your lymphatic system. It’s also great for the digestive system.

The different twists and turns that you hold in yoga send fresh blood to the organs and encourage flushing of the body’s systems. You will feel amazing after just one yoga class and it just keeps getting better with every class.

The stretching and breath work combined with movement and spiritual connection that make up yoga, there is nothing like it. It’s so good for your overall well being. Plus it’s a great hobby to take up and a good place to meet now Friends! People have healed so many ailments just by doing yoga.

It is one of my true passions and it is life changing!

I know this might seem overwhelming at first but try starting out with one or two of these steps and adding m ore slowly. Once you see the incredible healing power of healing your gut flora there will be no turning back. It makes all the difference in the world!

I have much clearer skin, more energy, better mood, ZERO anxiety and so much more since. I decided to take action and heal my life. Let me know how these steps help you to heal your gut flora. If you know anyone who needs help with their digestive system, please pass this little blog along! Lets work together to help each other thrive.

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